Your Chateau Design experience will leave you happy, confident, and impressed.

We know that you feel a special connection to your custom-designed or re-upholstered furniture. We honour that connection and work diligently to make your restoration project everything you had hoped for.

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Times change, and you want your furniture to change too. Whether you are moving into a new space, or wanting to develop a new look for the space you are in, we can work with your current furniture to create the finished piece that you had imagined.

Our experience, combined skills and attention to detail, enable us to turn your piece of furniture into a valued part of your home. And we do this while promising you:

  • The very best in hardwood and materials;
  • Superior craftsmanship;
  • Guaranteed work;
  • Exceptional customer service;
  • Delivery on-time and on-budget.



We all become attached to the furniture that we have lived with for years, especially if it is well made. For most people, great pieces of furniture carry memories and emotional connections. And it’s hard to part with them, even when that furniture ages.

At Chateau Design, we believe you can breathe new life into the quality furniture you love even if it is a little old. We take those classics and turn them back into key parts of your house. We can revive furniture by:

  • Repairing them;
  • Re-covering them;
  • Reinforcing them.

Our expertise and experience will help you keep your memories – while at the same time upgrading the look in your special room.

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